Opportunità lavorative @ Health Data Science Center, Human Technopole

The Health Data Science Centere of Human Technopole offers 2 positions within the Integrative Data Analysis Unit.

These positions are within the Giambartolomei's Group and come with excellent terms and conditions. 
We are seeking to recruit 2 highly motivated researchers in Health Data Science. In particular:
1. A statistician/epidemiologist with an interest in causal inference to join our Unit at the HT. The candidate will use population genetics techniques to connect association signals from GWAS to the effector genes, leveraging the genetic contribution (causal genetic variants that drive) of multi-omic data to understand cell-types, pathways, and molecular processes through which genes exert their effects.to join the Zuccolo group and to support the activities of the Health Data Science Centre. The postholders will help the PI (Luisa Zuccolo) in defining the direction of scientific work, conducting research, analyzing data, preparing the work for publication and disseminating results. The work of the post-holders is expected to lead to high-impact publications.
2. A Data Scientist in Machine Learning Based Prediction Using Multi-Source Data. The candidate will work on computational methods for functional interpretation of human genetic variation. S(he) will work at the interface between population genetics and machine learning, leveraging molecular data and predictions accumulated at an increasingly fast pace at the DNA level to apply unique and advanced computational methods to long-standing population genetics questions. The candidate will study the genetically-driven and predictable molecular impacts (including layers of protein-DNA, protein-RNA, DNA-DNA, protein-protein) of non-coding genetic variants associated with gene expression and protein levels and ultimately to disease.

Suitable profiles are people with a strong background in data science and analysis and integration of complex health data, with a focus on (multi-)omics data and/or Electronic Health Record. 

Deadline for application is January 8th, 2023.

Contact for queries and if interested: Prof. Emanuele Diangelantonio - emanuele.diangelantonio@fht.org